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Adab or benefit WALIMAH

As already expressed earlier, that marriage is a religiousritual and the course has been arranged by Allahthrough His Messenger, then we need to consider in adab-adab holding of the event to ensure its blessing from AllahSWT, namely: 
1. Aiming to practice their religion 

Walimah unjustifiable conduct and attend to based on interests other than to seek blessing from Allah SWT, because only with the sincere intention is all the practice we get the reward and blessing from Allah, so that gave birth to pursue a blessing in the next life. 

"Surely it depends on charitable deeds intent, and indeed for every person depending on what he intended ..." (Narrated by Bukhari andMuslim) 

2. Avoid vices 

Because this involves the worship of one person and another person, it must be kept a few things that might cause a deliberate disobedience, and also without deliberately done by the executor, or an invitation is coming, for there are some records that must be considered so that we are freed from the vices to God our Creator: 

a. Do not forget the poor in the invited guest. 
"Food is the worst food in walimah, where rich people were invited to eat, while poor people are not invited." (Narrated by Muslim and Bayhaqi) 

b. To shirk and avoid superstition. 

In our society there are many habits and things that are based on trust instead of Allah SWT, although often we hear that things are only intermediaries, but remain as His Messenger did not cite, even Allah has clearly forbidden, then not implemented. 

"And that the there are some men among people seeking refuge in the few males among the jinn, the jinn were adding to their sins and mistakes." (Surat Al-Jinn (72): 6) 

"Whoever went to a shaman or seer, and believe in his words, he has Kufr what God has revealed to the Prophet Muhammad." (Narrated by Abu Dawood) 

"Whoever is canceled due to forecast day intent purposes 
luckily, he has Shirk to God. "(Narrated by Ahmad). 

c. Not mixed between male and female guests. 

Wisdom is not mixed between male and female guests are to avoid the occurrence of adultery and fornication eyes of the heart; and these preventive measures (prevention) of the next act. 

"And come not nigh to fornication; fact that adultery is a heinous act. And a bad way." (Surat Al-Israa '(17): 32) 

Say to the believing men: "Let their gaze, and preserve their chastity; so it is more sacred to them, Allah is Aware of what they do". Say to the believing women that they should hold their views, and maintain their genitalia, and let them not reveal their ornaments except what (usually) visible from them. And let them cover with cloth kedada maimed them, and do not show off their adornment except to their husbands, or fathers, or fathers of their husbands, or their sons or their husbands sons, or their brothers, or sons of their brothers, or sons of their sister, or Muslim women, or their slaves or servants have men who have no desire (for women) or children who had no knowledge about their aurat wanita.Dan not known to bang their feet so they hide jewelry . And bertaubatlah to God, O people who believe that ye may prosper. (Surat An Nuur (24): 30-31) 

Keep in mind this means holding some of the views are not always bent, but retains the view of what is forbidden by Allah SWT to be viewed by us. 

"Two eyes can be adulterous, and zinanya is to see (which is not a mahram)." (Narrated by Bukhari) 

And one form of which can cause turbulence and deliver to the lust of adultery (liver / intercourse) is a handshake between people who are not mahram. 

"Those who shake hands with other mahram then faces the wrath of God Almighty." (Narrated by Ibn Baabawih) 

To assist in the implementation of the above, so it will need a supplement that we (the guests) can keep the views on what God has forbidden, namely the separation of guest rooms for men and women or wearing the hijab (veil) between male and female guests, as examplize at the time of Rasulullah Prophet married Zainab bint Jahsyi in Medina, which is a cause or a decrease of 53 surah Al Ahzab. 

This thing should not be making it up and foreign, having been described at the beginning, that walimah is an activity of the many activities that include worship, they also together with other acts of worship which has rules of the game; obvious example is the prayer, which in pray the separation between men and women; also teaching activities so, so very reasonable and a doctrine of God is Aware of shortage and surplus human beings and to find out what happens when people just based on prejudices and beliefs, which is basically a weak human beings and not knowing the unseen and the consequences of his deeds. 
They only know who was born (only) from the life of the world; they are about (life) is neglected hereafter. (Surat Ar Ruum (30): 7) 

But people who do wrong, follow their desires without knowledge, who then will guide those whom Allah has led astray? And there is no helper for them. (Surat Ar Ruum (30): 29) 

d. Avoiding damage to the entertainment value of worship. 

And among the men (there are) those who take the words that are not useful to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge and make fun of Allah's way-olokan.Mereka it will get a humiliating punishment. (Surah Luqman (31): 6) 

e. Avoidance of unnecessary actions. 

Give the families who will shortly be his right, to the poor and people in transit: and do not squander (your wealth) in a spendthrift. Lo-spender spenders are brothers incubus incubus and it is absolutely disbelieve in their Lord. (Surat Al-Israa '(17): 27) 

f. Respect each other and said good. 

"Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him say good, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, should respect the neighbors, those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, he must respect his guest."(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim) 
g. Congratulate and pray for the bride and groom. 

sunnah us to say prayers when we shook hands with the bride. 

"When one of his married brother say: 

"Baarokallohu laka, wabaaroka 'alaika, wa jama'a bainakuma FII khoir" means: "May Allah Almighty memberkahimu and hopefully perpetuate the blessings of God upon you and raise you two in the goodness."(Narrated by Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi). 

Or prayer of the Prophet to Ali bin Abi Talib when married to Fatimah Az-Zahrah (the Prophet's daughter): 

"May Allah gather the wandering of the two of you, bless you both, and May God increase the quality of their offspring, making the opening of grace, the source of knowledge and wisdom, giving a sense of security for the people."

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