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Islam - religion to despise or admire?

There are sufficient grounds for a Christian or Jew, to have an excuse to confuse the panic for the Islamic religion, as well as the aggressive agenda for Islamic Studies and presented to the Prophet Muhammad in the Quran? It is the Koran says that Muslims should be the goal of human beings, not excited, and tolerant in their association with people, and called Muhammad who disbelieve, or just the opposite? There is an answer to these questions are completely different in all parts of the world's Shia and Sunni branches of the global population of over one billion Muslims in the fort. I think most of these Islamic fundamentalists and religious, and who are nationals of countries in the Middle East, which were part of the current Empire Mohammadi, which is occupied and controlled much of the Holy Land, and the business generated from Europe, and between 700-1100 m. 

As in the present case, and the reading and interpretation of the Quran a Muslim cleric in Islamabad and Kabul, Pakistan and Afghanistan is different in a mosque in the city of San Francisco, California. Wills primary concern and the world did Muhammad in the Qur'an, the one presented while he was in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, are very different, and totally against those made later by his followers to Medina, who said he had cleared the base or change, and his commandments are extinct. The cost of these new commands to delete all devout Muslims to look at the road or, in turn, employment, or the destruction of the infidels the second, and loyalty, and the sixth pillar of Islam, jihad, the struggle or conflict . These misconceptions, according to Muhammad, and includes all Christians, Jews, and exercise, or those who worship the Christian Trinity, and God also, Muhammad urged Muslims to lie and deceive non-believers, believers in positions that will be presented, the Islamic Supreme Being, God More than 350 verses of the Koran, and nothing but absolute contempt for the infidel. In one of them, and Muslim (C9B1N31), and Muhammad said: "I have ordered to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah, and was born in me (that) I am a prophet in I brought everything. "And, therefore, is to provide the meaning of the wordIslam means submission to the will of God supported, classical Islamic scholars that anyone who has studied the Koran, or Qur'an, mastering the principle of abolition of death penalty in part-time. These devout Muslims who do not cancel the network is actually outside the main Muslim, and perhaps even religion itself. However, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, and today is concentrated in Pakistan, and has always refused to cancel just because it seems that the Koran is not error free. 

Compared to the commandments of Jesus Christ, the original Old Testament of the Bible, and advised everyone to enjoy and relate to their neighbors and themselves, and the commandments of Mohammed in the Koran, in the one-sided point of view of the purpose of theology, in fact, because it is written not only for how Muslims should take care and respect for other Muslims, not as Muslims to respect "all" children of God austerity and strict fundamentalist Islamic theology, as taught and used in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, the bag from any other source than the Qur'an, read, interpret and classical Islamic clerics. This is the reason for the call Sharia (Islamic law or dry) Muslim leaders on the growing Muslim population in Western countries, such as the United Kingdom, and the law should be allowed to control all Muslims. There is, for example, many Islamic fundamentalists in London that Britain has allowed them to carry out the laws and traditions can in the space of British law. Among the other traditions of Islamic Sharia law, and permits, and impose polygamy, and even murder have been killed in the name of honor, where his sons and daughters of the fundamentalist Muslim families, who separated his non-Muslims Muslims faithful practitioners, in honor of the victims 'families'. This type of law, it seems, Barack Hussein Obama has called for calm over the years, first as a member of the U. S. Illinois Senate, and now president of the United States, the practice of Muslims in the United States, who have demonstrated a high knowledge of Islamic theology and tradition, the declaration of his Christian faith and values. This may explain why 18 percent and growing segment of American voters to fill out that Obama is not just the Christian understanding of the fundamental. 

These sharp break between fantasy pure Christianity that was taught by Jesus and the Bible, hatred and conflict between man without shame, who was a student, Mohamed, and recorded in the Koran, and this is the point of this article . This separation and clear, stark reality, and one of the reasons why the Muslim clergy to take a look at the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan, and able to read and interpret the commandments of Islam Muhammad, and get a lot of sense different for them to say, the Muslim clergy and the West in Washington, District of Columbia, and, of course, the most controversial Muslim clergy and the explanation point is furious words of Jesus in the Bible, the modern era, providing evidence such as blood , the Crusades, which was organized by Julie popes Romanian Catholic Church to recover the Holy Land, on Apparently, in the name of Christ. This tragic moment in the history of Western civilization is not a guide to interpret the words of Jesus in the "Sermon on the Mount" for him and for the entire period of his ministry and personal ministries in the later days of the apostles. Dad, who gave the order, the Crusades, and not as representatives of Jesus, but also as a military emperors, who were issued a papal bull as revenge for the interests of Western Europe. Perhaps not enough, and maybe read the words of Jesus, and he died. 22:21, and we can deduce from his speech is nothing but a separation between church and the house in which his statement to the Jews, "the things that make the Caesar to Caesar and to God what is God" was a statement, a brief separation. He also said, Christ in the court of Pontius, John at 18:36 that "My kingdom is not an earthly kingdom, and in this case, the followers of my struggle to keep me out, given the Jewish leaders, but a kingdom of this world. " Today, Christians and ministers in Ankara, Turkey can read Jesus 'sermon' on the Mount "and to provide the same basic meaning of Christian ministers in London and Moscow are safe. It is not the case with Muslim clerics from around the world who read the words of Mohammed in the Koran, are very different. 

After his ascension to heaven, Jesus taught his apostles, James, and it is impossible that things are reliable and boring for the transfer of people from the same divine justice. Deep in the book of the Bible, 03:11 Goose, illustrates this principle explicitly Christian. "The spring water coming out of the opening of the original and the salt?" In the case of Mohammed did, so he urged his disciples to say and do, and they were both shocking and, presumably, the real interests of the Muslims. This is a historical problem in the relationship. The prophet of God from heaven only tend to say things like that? I do not mediate. Now, what about the fear that Christians are illegal in the United States should be the spread of Islam in the republic, as well as a growing population of mostly Muslim immigrants and their descendants, and fill me sincerely that the international community for 'agenda for Muslims to conquer infidel Western countries through a strategy so that people in different countries, that one day soon, it will surely be voted practice law in the vast majority are Muslims. That is, if they continue to strike at a rate of prolific and allowed to exercise their political power on a collective basis. 

Society in all parts of the sleeping giant Muslim world is probably unfortunate 1950, and before the United States and Great Britain began secretly intervene in Muslim countries for the control of rich oil resources and production, and especially before the first U.S. invasion of 'Iraq in the year 1991. Government of the United States and Great Britain did not rejoice in 1954, recalling Chapter CIA/MI6 coup in Iran, and the process of Ajax, which overthrew the democratically elected president in a Muslim home, and install a puppet dictator, USA / Britain Shah at the head of the Iranian government. This, among other things, was seen by Islamic fundamentalists and the reason for this is to continue convincing revenge against the infidel West. In addition, Muslim immigration in the United States until 1970, and was always decent. Then, with the beginning of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, in 1979, and later, when the blame is conveniently coincided massacres 9 / 11 Islamic Jihad, Osama bin Laden Owalsaudi the Bush administration, especially after the Afghan invasion Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, the fundamentalist Shiite factions of Sunni Islam throughout the world, began to collect, theological, surprisingly well and work together to counter the invasion of the infidels. The army trained and armed for the most retrograde Taliban militants small, since 2002, has successfully supported the Persian Gulf, more than 100 thousand marines best coaches, and the army, special forces, U. S. Joint forces that were sent to neutralize the rebel forces in all parts of the country is enormous. It seems that the terrible lesson in the conquest of Afghanistan by the Soviets try to teach the arrogant imperialist policy in the control of the United States, American military significant lesson in the fight against injustice, not to win a war. In this regard, it should be the lesson of Vietnam for good. So far, since 2003, has seen the same thing in Iraq shaded, resulting in a reasonable mind to achieve this repression, and the judiciary, the armed opposition and bloody Muslim, the U.S. presence in Islamic countries is almost impossible. 

Since 1991, Acts of the service population, immigration from the Middle East, Muslim men, women and families in Western countries has increased 85 percent, fresh and fertility of Muslims in the United States, the United Kingdom, approximately 6 - 7 children per woman, adult Muslim. It is not surprising that the Muslim population of London increased by 85 percent, which corresponds to the period between 1980 and 2000. Maybe that's why the Muslim population was large enough in this city, the British expected that, in practice the law, which was officially adopted in Britain in September 14, 2008, with the Islamic Courts, and the possession of the forces Islamic, and even a place in the capital. Colleagues told me something recently that the very terms of enthusiasm for the potential spread of the truth of Islam in the United States. In essence, he suggested that if the Quran calls for Muslims to lie and deceive the infidel Christians and Jews to have faith, and to delegate authority over the infidels, and how can you trust any devout Muslim, especially those who Koran says that Muslims interpret each and ordered to admire and hate Christians and Jews. This perception is not something that is reasonable between the Jewish, Christian and Islamic agenda to subjugate Muslims and control over what the research potential of the opposition, which will be an expansive Western Satan, there are now millions of Christians and Jews around the the world. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding or in this case, what is written in the manual of uniform practice of Islam, the Koran. However, few of the hundreds of millions of Christians in the United States and Great Britain and Western Europe, and have no knowledge can be invoked to undo the teachings of Mohammed in the Koran, and the hatred expressed in words related to Christians and Jews, a tragic reality. Most of them are ignorant and make interpretations of Islamic doctrine, and suggests that the Muslim clergy in the West, and the misconception that a Muslim society in cities like Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Madrid, and also Sydney, Australia really tolerate Christians and Jews, and imagination. 

I am consumed by the words of Jewish scholar, Helmud Weiss, who has studied German literature at the University of Berlin during Adolf Hitler and the Nazis came to power. He laughed and said to his friends worried when strongly advised to sail home to America, that "even if the Nazis came to power, will not be enough people to be high in Germany to stop Hitler distribution of anti-Semitism, and the words and ideas of all the human filth that fits. "Unfortunately, history records that were sent to Professor Weiss, in 1939, one of the gas chambers of Auswitz. Therefore, it is likely to believe very kind to all those who believe in the current practice of Muslim values ​​and tolerance for Christians and Jews and other non-Muslims read the Koran for themselves, to provide honest and true concept of religion established by Mohammed. 

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