Friday, 15 June 2012


Along with the advance of modern humans, which is marked by the development of science and technology, the true values 
essential increasingly shifted from the life of modern behavior. 

In the end, the more Muslims do not understand, comprehend, do not even care anymore to the shari'ah was supposed to be role models and guidance for them (Muslims). Marriage in Islam is considered a sacred activity and signs have been given by God Almighty for the good of man himself, now was not held according to the desire of God as exemplified by the Messenger of Allah, even Muslims even inclined to imitate Western values and behaviors are in fact is not in accordance with Islamic shariah, or may follow the ways of their fathers; that if you do not want to say heresy / kurafat, but in practice many are not in accordance with Islamic Shari'ah for the obvious and rewarding as well as containingblessing from Allah SWT. 

"Say (Muhammad)," If you (really) love Allah, follow me! Allah will love you and forgive you your sins "and God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."
(Surat Ali Imran (three): 31). 

"O ye who believe, if you follow some of the people of the Book, they will turn you back into disbelievers after you have believed." (Surat Ali Imran (3): 100). 

"Jews and Christians would not like unto you, that you follow their religion. Say:" Verily, Allah's guidance instructions (the actual). "And verily if thou follow their desires after pengetahuan come to you, then God is no longer a patron 
and helpful for you. " (Surat al-Baqarah (2): 120) 

"Those who make up the affairs of (religious) practices that we are not from him, he was rejected." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). 

For that, on this happy occasion, we try to offer a treatise on marriage that has been exemplified by the Messenger of Allah. 

This treatise is just one small effort of a large project in 
awareness and give people a correct understanding in order 
coaching people that Islam is so complex and wide are no longer strangers in the midst of his own parishioners or even condemned by Muslims themselves, because the wrong people to understand or perhaps ignorance of the doctrine (religion) of his own. 

We also hope and pleaded with Dad / Mom / brother / sister who has read and understands this treatise, in order to transmit his understanding to the other relatives and friends taulan, so they are not wrong in dealing with an activity that actually exist in Islamic teachings. 

For all the attention and support of Mr / Mrs / Brothers / Sisters we thank you for the infinite, and only God Almighty that can reply with a reply that belipat double, amen. 

"Whoever brings a good deed it to him (the reward of) ten times as much to his credit: and whoever brings an evil deed then he would not be recompensed but seimbangdengan his crimes, and they are not persecuted at all (harmed). Say:" Verily, my Lord I have ditunjuki to the straight path, (ie) the true religion; the religion of Abraham, and Abraham did not include people who are polytheists ". Say:" Verily, prayer, ibadatku, hidupki and my death are for Allah, Lord of the Worlds, no partner for him, and so that's what prompted me and I was the person who first submitted themselves (to Allah) ". (Surat Al An'am (6): 160-163)

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