Friday, 15 June 2012


Glory to Allah who has created man in pairs with each other, and unite them in piety, and grow from it a sense of peace and compassion. Shalawat and greetings are always a nice example of a god devoted to people who have returned back to the nature of human dignity

Teachings of Islam as consistent with nature, has mensyari'atkan of marriages for every human. With themarriage a person can meet the needs of insaniyahnya nature (humanity) in the right way as a husband and wife, they will further reward is due to have performed the deeds in accordance with the shari'ah of Allah SWT. 

Marriage in Islam's view, not merely the formalization of relationships between husband and wife, change of status, as well as efforts to meet the needs of human nature. Marriage is not just a sacred ceremony that is part of the human life cycle. Marriage is a religious service disyari'atkan by Allah through His Messenger, then no doubt someone's wedding is evidence of submission to Allah and His Messenger. God did not let His servants to worship in their own way. Allah, Rahman gives great guidance to implement this service, as other acts of worship (prayer, fasting, zakat, hajj, etc..). And a faux pas, when His servants who want to perform this sacred service (wedlock) menodainya with heresy (which is not taught by Islam) and superstition (the things that lead to idolatry against God), so revoke the status of that activity of worship became mafsadat / sin. Is a necessity for every Muslim to strive to improve their worship to the fullest, no exception with a process and wedding events. All of them do so with wisdom and blessing of religious worship that may be blessed by God Almighty. 

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