Friday, 15 June 2012

Islam and the Muslims as a symbol of love, marriage, relationship

Melakukukan marriage in Islam to marry him enough during the evaluation, internal and external to a Muslim man, in God's eyes, and an act of worship is done to avoid the sin of adultery

Other religions such as Muslim marriage is a sacred institution status. This is a binding contract between a Muslim man and Muslim woman that team. Muslim marriage underIslamic law is made. Islamic marriages are usually arranged by parents. His proposal of marriage by the girl's family and the marriage was followed by a time agreed by both parties and to make an engagement ceremony. Marriage, the bride and groom and the priest has received approval by the Islamic marriage ceremony. Marriage and the bride and groom and witnesses then sign the draft agreement for the bride and groom. Al-Quran or the Bible, and through them, and they are placed between the mirror is done to find out more about each other. Distribution and sugar and high in the history of the Islamic marriage ceremony feast. Islamic marriage is actually in an intimate relationship before marriage is not allowed. According to Islam, Muslim marriage, the foundation of Islamic society is built.

Muslim men and is characterized by providing a dowry the Muslim marriage partner. The main objective of this event, if no one is to keep the economy from Muslim women. Non-payment of dowry for marriage, Muslim marriage, and before they become invalid, or you can pay the dowry or bride price. Muttered her husband to marry a Muslim and his wife for financial support for the benefit and protection of her husband's duty. The provisions of the Muslim marriage but also husband and wife and children to access Islamic material must be specially designed muttered.

One of the major differences between Islam and other religions practice polygamy, and to protect them and wait as long as four wives of a Muslim man to marry up to provide. However, Muslim women are not allowed to marry more than one person. Islam does not allow homosexuality. This is a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim man or woman marriage provides. Islamic law, a Christian or a Muslim man, the Jewish wives of Jewish, Christian or a Muslim man to marry as long as that does not allow them to inherit her husband would permit a woman.

Such as marriage and family marriage strict religious rules of Islam, theIslamic community which has developed the basic building blocks. Islam is a good agreement between husband and wife have different rules and regulations flow. Clearly define the role of husband and wife is the role of the Islamic family, he said. This will be the basic design for a healthy spring in a healthy family life. This strong growth will lead to a more Islamic society. With the ultimate goal of the followers of Islam, the true religion of growth, the institution of marriage is actually a form of aMuslim

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